Simply put, “life coaching” is one person or “coach” assisting another to overcome obstacles preventing or inhibiting that person from achieving his or her goals. Obstacles to achieving one’s goals takes many forms, including legal challenges.

As a former counselor and group leader in the positive peer culture model, and as a criminal defense attorney for 35 years representing clients involving legal issues from white-collar crime to crimes of violence, Barry Voss undertakes life coaching in the context of his experiences as a counselor, group leader and attorney from his own perspective.  This unique relationship encourages the client to openly discuss issues that may impact the client’s career, whether that involves fraud, drug use or more esoteric legal issues.

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As someone who has faced intense challenges throughout his adolescence and adult life, from addiction to prison time, Barry understands the struggles and temptations that many youth and adults face. 

If you need someone to talk to, Barry is available by calling or texting any time at 612-282-5660. You may also submit this form below to contact him. 

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Listening to Barry's stories really helps put things into perspective. He has been through so much, and truely learned from experiences. It tells a lot about a person to care enough to share those stories and bring at... - Lindsey
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